Ivo Alexandroff

Ivo's passion for powersports (dirt bikes in particular) started years ago when he bought his first bike - an old Honda XR250R. The feeling of freedom and the adrenaline rush of an open throttle were simply irresistible. Now Ivo is a keen trail rider and enjoys sharing the knowledge with others as much as he enjoys a good bush bash with his buddies.


Why is Motocross so Demanding?

Is motocross a demanding sport? Yes, no doubt about that. But why is motocross so demanding in the first place? What happens in a motocross race that makes it a physically, mentally, and skillfully demanding sport? To excel in the sport, motocross demands physical and mental strength, technical skills mastery, and the courage and confidence …

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Are Dirt Bikes Street-Legal

Dirt bikes are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and have adrenaline-pumping fun. They are fast, fun, and suspenseful because every trail you tackle is a challenge waiting on its own. And if you’ve been satisfied with what it can do off-road, I bet you’ve also wondered what it can do on smooth roads …

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