DIY Dirt Bike Trailer Ideas

Thank the dirt bike gods for dirt bike trailers and their reliability in transporting our precious bikes to our adventure destinations. But did you know your trusty trailer can serve more purposes than just carrying your bikes? With some DIY dirt bike trailer ideas, you can modify your trailer and turn it into a multipurpose …

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ktm motorcycle side view

What Is Motorcycle Compression Ratio

As a motorcycle enthusiast, it is important to understand the technicalities of your bike. One such important aspect is the compression ratio. Often overlooked, the compression ratio is a critical component of an engine’s performance. Motorcycle compression ratio is the ratio of the volume of the combustion chamber when the piston is at the bottom …

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Are all dirt bikes manual

If you’re new to dirt biking, it’s natural to wonder – are all dirt bikes manual? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ll explore the different types of dirt bikes and their transmission systems. Whether you’re considering buying your first dirt bike or just curious about the sport, read on to learn more. Not all dirt …

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What Does CC Mean In Dirt Bikes

If you’re new to dirt biking (or to the world of powersports in general), you might be wondering “what does CC mean in dirt bikes?”. Well, you’re in luck, because this whole article is dedicated to answering your question. In dirt bikes, “CC” refers to the engine displacement, which is the volume of the engine’s …

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Will a Dirt Bike Fit in a Short Bed

A dirt bike can fit in a short bed trailer, in most cases. The dimensions of the dirt bike and the truck bed play a crucial role in determining its compatibility. The most common methods of loading a dirt bike in a short bed are placing the dirt bike diagonally or attaching truck bed extenders to the tailgate. 


What are Dirt Bikes Used For

Dirt bikes are motorcycles designed for off-road riding and are used for various activities such as motocross racing, trail riding, enduro racing, freestyle motocross, and other off-road adventures. They are designed with lightweight but durable frames and long suspension travel.