9 Best Dirt Bike Tricks and How The Pros Do Them


Have you ever watched those fearless dirt bikers in events like Red Bull X-Fighters or the FMX category in the X Games and thought, “What in the world is that trick, and how on earth do these riders pull it off?”

Well, you’re in for a treat today. We’re diving into the best dirt bike tricks and how the pros do them!

There are hundreds of mind-blowing maneuvers, but today, we’ll uncover the nine best dirt biking tricks you’ll ever witness at an FMX event – from the classic one-hander to the jaw-dropping Superman trick.

So, if you want to impress your friends the next time you watch an FMX competition, this is the place to be.

Get ready to learn the nine best dirt biking tricks and the secrets of how the pros do them.

1. One-hander

One of the most classic FMX tricks is the one-hander.

The pros and amateurs love this dirt bike trick because you can do it on its own or mix it with other tricks, like Travis Pastrana and his epic one-handed backflip.

Image courtesy of Stefan Krause CC BY-SA 3.0

The trick starts with finding a jump that gives the rider enough time to do the one-hander trick.

Speed is the key – not too fast or too slow.

Once they reach the peak of their jump, the rider releases one hand from the handlebar and shows off their style.

The longer they can hold, the more points they can score.

2. Slow wheelie

The slow wheelie, a favorite of legends like Dougie Lampkin, is pure artistry in motion.

Image courtesy of Vedran Miletić

The key to a perfect slow wheelie is the right gear and speed combo – first or second gear, cruising at 5 to 15 mph.

With a gentle tap on the brake, they control speed while maintaining smooth throttle control.

And then pop goes the wheelie.

Like the one-hander, the more the rider can hold their slow wheelie, the more impression points they earn.

3. Nac-nac

The nac-nac is a signature move of McGrath, where the rider swings their leg over the seat, kicks it out behind them, and turns their bike sideways mid-air.

The perfect nac-nac starts with the rider building momentum for ample airtime and a smooth landing.

With a burst of speed, they lean back, pulling up on those handlebars like they own the sky.

As they take flight, that’s where the magic happens.

With a swift weight shift, their legs swing over the seat, kicking out with flair, and the bike turns sideways.

4. Heel Clicker

The heel clicker is a Marvin Musquin signature move where the rider jumps off the seat, brings their legs over the handlebars and clicks their heels together in mid-air – like a mid-air leg clap.

As the rider launches into the air, they gracefully lean back, propelling themselves off the seat with precision.

Their legs shoot forward over the handlebars, perfectly straight and parallel.

And there it is—the magical moment—the satisfying click as their heels meet mid-air.

5. Whip

When the pros unleash the whip, it’s a jaw-dropping spectacle you won’t forget.

Even legends like Jeremy McGrath and Robbie Maddison endorse this flashy and fearless trick.

Image courtesy of Ronald Plett

Once the rider approaches the ramp, they make the split decision to lean left or right.

In mid-air, they unleash the magic—twisting those handlebars and hips opposite their lean, sending their bike into a sideways dance.

But the kicker with this trick is how they recover and land smoothly.

With lightning reflexes, they bring the bike back to center, twist, and lean back, ready for a picture-perfect landing.

6. Lazy-boy 

You know you’re in for a mind-blowing show when you see a rider getting ready for the lazy boy trick.

The idea behind this trick is to pose like you’re lounging mid-air on a La-Z-Boy.

This Pastrana classic demands serious guts and skills, but the FMX points are worth it.

To execute the lazy boy, the rider grips the handlebar with their feet, then stretches their arms behind their head, leans back, and poses as if chilling on a Laz-Z-Boy.

Sounds easy on paper but difficult to execute given limited air time!

7. Cliffhanger 

The cliffhanger is another famous FMX trick that guarantees daredevil status for any rider.

This trick resembles bungee jumping with a dirt bike as the safety rope. Crazy, right?

Image courtesy of Darilon

You can spot a cliffhanger trick from a distance when the rider releases the handlebars and grabs them with their feet.

In mid-air, you’ll see them raising their hands to the sky like they’re floating.

8. Double Backflip

The double backflip is one of the most challenging and coolest dirt bike tricks in the book.

It can either make you a legend or break you in half.

Image courtesy of Eroan Boyer CC BY-SA 4.0

If you’re wondering how the pros do a backflip twice in the air, here’s the rundown:

  1. Approach the ramp, lean back, and yank those handlebars for the first flip.
  2. Tuck those knees and elbows tight, and watch the landing.
  3. Land that first flip, extend those limbs slightly, and push down on the bars for round two.
  4. Tuck again, spot that landing, and brace for impact!

9. Superman

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a dirt bike daredevil doing a Superman trick!

Image courtesy of Patrick Case

To fly like Supes, the rider must hit that jump just right – not too fast or slow.

Then they launch into the air with style and confidence.

Once up there, they let go of those handlebars and stretch their legs like they’re soaring through the skies.

Picture Superman in the sky, but with a dirt bike instead of a cape.

Wrapping up

Next time you watch those heart-pounding FMX events, you’ll be able to cheer on your favorite riders with a new appreciation.

You’ll know exactly what they’re pulling off!

Remember, as cool as these tricks look, they’re not for amateurs.

If you’re not an experienced FMX rider with expert coaches guiding you, just leave the backflips and supermans to the pros. 

FMX events have double the risk factor of motocross or casual trail rides.

Plus, MX tricks push the boundaries of what’s possible, and it takes years of practice and dedication to master them.